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Windshield repairs are safe, effective,convenient and can usually be completed in 30 minutes or less. A successful repair will prevent the damage from spreading, Make the blemish less visible and restore the structural integrity of the windshield.




The Process and Q & A How is it done?


  • The windshield is cleaned and visually inspected and any loose glass is removed from the impact point.

  • A small hole may be drilled into the break to allow access for the resin, if necessary.

  • A Bridge & Injector assembly is mounted over the break.

  • A polymer resin is injected into the break where it cures and bonds the separated glass.

  • A series of polishing and buffing steps are applied to restore the clarity and structural strength of the glass. The resins are optically matched to a refractive index of 1.51, matching that of glass and hardened with a bond as strong as the original glass.

  • The resin is cured by ultra-violet light, restoring the original strength to the glass.

  • The impact point, or drill hole is filled with pit filler, and also cured. Any excess pit filler is removed, and the windshield is thoroughly cleaned.







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